Beach Parties to Remember for a Lifetime

Want to getraving with sand between your toes and the sun on your back?  Here are 10 beaches with global notoriety asthe hottest open-air party spots, where clothing’s optional, music pounds fromevery angle and virtually anything might happen.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Little Venice

Ifyou choose the Cyclades for a soothing, relaxing vacation away from it all,steer clear from Mykonos, and from Paradise Beach in particular. Once alow-key nudist beach, today Paradise is Greece’s number one open-air clubbingvenue, catering primarily to the young set, including  international celebrities andsupermodels. Another serious party affair goes on at Psarou Beach, whichis a little less known, but in no way less rowdy. Thanks to its nonjudgmentalhospitality, Mykonos has earned the status of one of the most gay culture-friendlyislands in the world.

Elias Beach

Punta Cancun, Cancun, Mexico

Aerial shot of Cancun

Easilycompeting with other Caribbean destinations, the Riviera Maya is packed withtop class attraction, luxury accommodations, scenic spots, fabulous climate … anda nonstop party atmosphere, i.e. everything fun-loving folk need to enjoy theirvacation. Punta Cancun, which hosts the majority of nightclubs, bars andrestaurants, is the hub of the wildest party action. Some of the most famousplaces include Coco Bongo, Dady´O and The City. Warning: tequila flows inrivers! 

Beach party


Zrce Beach, Novalja, Pag Island, Croatia


Croatia is rapidly becoming one of the hottest party scenes in Europe and ZrćeBeach, on the island of Pag, is perhaps the best place to see for oneself this newlygained status is so very right. Partying starts quite early, clothing isoptional and lusts run high. Host to legendary clubs, sizzling beach parties and plenty ofoptions to chill out and cure the post-party headache, Pag is on the best wayto become a close competitor for Ibiza as the most forward thinking clubbingspots around.

Zrce beach party

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines


When onethinks of the Philippines, images of forgotten islands, idyllic beaches andsecluded coves come up. Boracay sure fits the picture in terms of beauty, butwhen the sun goes down, its major beaches are far from lonely and angelic. In fact,Boracay’s reputation used to be so raucous that regular visitors took thepledge of secrecy to make sure what happened in Boracay, stayed in Boracay. WhiteBeach, which runs for over two miles, is the center of party events here and offers the best hope of sweet trouble.

Glamour Fun

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Nissi Beach Hotel Resort

The one and only beach in Ayia Napa (if not thewhole Cyprus) to go partying, Nissi is more about blink, makeup and posing thanrelaxed sunbathing and water activities. While the easternend of the beach is fairly quiet, the central area, with the notorious NissiBay Beach Bar, is all about loud music, foam parties and wet t-shirtcompetitions.  The best day for a memorable, no-limitparty on Nissi beach is Sunday.

Bar in Ayia Napa

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast City, Australia

Gold Coast

Don’t let the name fool you -Surfers Paradise is not only about chasing after that awesome wave. Over the past fifty years, the suburb hasgrown into a major party hotspot, with dozens of clubs, pubs and a good shareof open-air festivals, most notably during June and July. Plus Surfers Paradiseenjoys the status of the largest single venue for the Schoolies, featuring livemusic and youth-themed activities in late November and early December, when high-schoolgraduates take their traditional week-long holidays following the end of theirfinal exams. 

Paradise Beach by night

Rimini, Italy

Early morning at the beach

The once worn-out resort of Rimini has undergone a serious revamp and iscurrently being dubbed as Italy’s bold answer to Ibiza. No longer a cozy familyholiday destination, Rimini with its 15-mile-long beach attracts the young andthe glamorous with hottest bars, clubs and beach parties on offer. As it hasquickly become a place to see and be seen, celebrities can be spotted on aregular basis, including the greatest Italy lover, George Clooney. The bestthing about Rimini, however, is that despite its glamorous vibe, the townremains unpretentious and you don’t need to worry if your body does not fit theVictoria’s Secret standard

Rimini beaches


HaadRin Nok, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Viewpoint at Bottle Beach

The Haad Rin Nok beach may be a mere 800 meterslong, but on Full Moon Party nights youcould swear it stretches to the size and capacity of Copacabana on New Year’sEve. It started off as a modest party thrown by a group of tourists who reckonedthe moon was particularly beautiful over Koh Phangan. Today, the monthly parties gatherup to 30,000 people, who give themselves to dusk-to-dawn revelry, complete withdozens of powerful sound systems, juggling,fire-jumping, fireworks displays and other more or less legal attractions. Thebackground of fabulous climate, heavenly scenery and the magic of the full mooncan mean only one thing – Koh Phangan is home to some of the most notoriousparties on the planet.  

Full Moon Party

Las Salinas, Ibiza, Spain

Evening in the port

Not much needs to besaid about Ibiza’s party scene. The island has gained a mythical status acrossthe globe and the very mention of its name makes the eyes of the most hardcore raversopen wide in party alert mode.  Allaround the clock, inhibitions run low, clothing is optional and music dictatesthe rhythm of the heart. Fabulous beaches are aplenty, but if you want to mixwith the very wealthy and the very beautiful, wearing as little fabric and asmuch glam as possible, then Las Salinas is the place to go. If you have oneof the “fat days” or can’t cope with your complexes – stay away!

Ushuaia Closing Party

Big Vagator, Goa, India

Big Vagator Beach with Fort Chapora

Goa no longer deserves its old reputation of “anything goes” sort of place, with sickparties and weird intoxication practices, but bonfires, all-nightraves and spontaneous outdoor DJ sets are still on the party animal’s menu here. If you opt for prettylaid-back, backpacker-style kind of fun, head to the Vagator beach, which is abrilliant spot for relaxation by day and a mystical stage for nighttime merrymaking.A curious thing, Palolem Beach is famous for the so-called “silent noiseparty,” where visitors dance the night away with headphones on.   

Royal Enfield Rider Mania


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