Best Looking Women in the World

Although beauty exists merely in the mind which contemplates it, as David Hume, a Scottish philosopher, has correctly pointed out, there are some countries in this world that seem to be so much more appealing in terms of looks than others. Do you know which nations we are talking about? Check out our choices of the most gorgeous females on the globe from South America to Asia.


7. Ukraine


By Guuskrol

If it’s true that beauty is purely a mathematical matter of symmetry and proportion, than the Ukrainian women  fit perfectly into the diagram. The proportional faces of Slavic-type beauties with bright eyes and high cheekbones are what makes guys go really crazy. However, these are not only the facial features that make Eastern European ladies look so stunning. In terms of the human body, the Ukrainians also live up to the expectations of the ideal of slender fit bodies with no gram of unnecessary fat. In truth, the number of strikingly beautiful women in Ukraine is exceptional.


6. Denmark

Well, they look nice even if covered in mud. By Stig Nygaard
Well, they look nice even if covered in mud. Roskilde Festival. By Stig Nygaard

Danish women might be a bit chubbier than their Swedish counterparts due to their unconditional love for beer and potatoes but still they are considered one of the most beautiful women on the globe. Blond hair (at least 90% of the female population), blue eyes (again 90%) and lovely baby faces – yep, that’s how they look like. Great sense of fashion only adds extra beauty to Danish girls, which always keep bang up to date.


5. Italy

Somewhere in Toscany. By argo 72
Somewhere in Toscany. By argo 72

How Italians girls do it that they look so stunning eating so much pizza and spaghetti has been a mystery. Whatever their secret of beauty is, it seems to have worked perfectly for ages.
It must be some kind of a beauty gene that could be described, more or less, as sexy body, brown hair and eyes, dark skin and Monica Bellucci’s face. With their extraordinary confidence and style, Italian women are natural born men’s hearts killers.


4. Lithuania

By antanask
By antanask

The beauty of Lithuanian girls, a perfect blend of Scandinavian features and Slavic look, make the women of that tiny European country look absolutely gorgeous. There is even this hilarious theory about unimaginable beauty of Lithuanian women. Apparently, during the medieval Europe’s Holy Inquisition, beautiful females, responsible for men’s lust and a  threat to the stability of families and society, were considered witches and were put to death. Lithuania was the last pagan country in Europe and therefore the inquisition didn’t cause as many deaths there as in the West. Whether it is thanks to the genes or not, the girls in Lithuania are simply amazing.


 3. Japan

By quasimagyar
In Tokyo. By quasimagyar

Among Asian nations Japanese girls are definitely the most stunning-looking females. Although the Geisha type of feminine look is an anachronism  in Japan today, the strong sense of beauty, glamour and ideal appearance have remained very strong in the Japanese society. The pale skin slender body, perfect make-up and hairstyle as well as chic wear have not been deprived of their validity in modern Japan. Porcelain face, dramatic look of graphic eyes and pomegranate lips seem to be still alive today.


2. Sweden

 By Steffe
By Steffe

If you are attracted to long legs, blond hair, bright blue eyes and slender bodies, head for Sweden. Apparently Stockholm, the Swedish capital city, has been considered by Traveler’s Digest, a magazine for travelers, the best city in terms of beauty of its female residents, where every second girl looks like a top model. As a matter of fact, Swedish women are ultra beautiful and their strong and sensual personality makes them even more appealing.


1. Brazil

By Luciano Joaquim
By Luciano Joaquim

The amazing diversity of Brazil’s people makes this giant country a place with the world’s most amazingly beautiful women. Be it a European-looking slender blonde, a dark skin exotic-face-feature brunette, a round shape Caribbean or African-looking girl or a mix of it all, Brazilian women are one of a kind. This overwhelming concentration of gorgeous women in one country is an effect of racial mixing of indigenous peoples with Europeans, Africans, Japanese and Chinese. With their supernatural personal charm, Brazilian women are the Misses of the World.



  1. Italian girls are the prettiest in the world. They have the prettiest faces and features and are classy and exotic. And i have seen all types of girls in the world.

  2. I’m a picky eater so don’t feed me BS. Ukrainian girls are anything but slim. Some of them may seem to be attractive in their teens but at the age of 20-30 they turn into chunky monkeys with wrinkled faces.

  3. I find it ridiculous to label a single country having the most beautiful women. I have seen different ethnicities with very beautiful people, as beauty is not restricted to one area or continent. Being part Asian and European (German and predominant Japanese) myself, living in an African country, has led me to this conclusion. While I can respect that beauty is subjective, and that certain traits like features, height, are a generalization of a particular race, I have found quite few exceptions to the norm in every race. Yes, I have seen some of the most beautiful women coming from all different parts of the globe, not exclusively defining that particular nationality, but reaffirming that we are all part of this beautiful world, diverse and amazing in our own right!

  4. 1. Romania
    2. Colombia
    3. Brazil
    4. Sweden
    5. Lithuania
    6. Vietnam
    7. Balcanic Peninsula
    8. Japan
    9. Ethyopia

    But it really comes down to what you like. There are ridiculously beautiful women in every country on earth.

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