Extraordinary Saunas And Their Locations

If you think a sauna is just a small heated room or house, where you sit or lie to experience dry or wet sessions, you are so mistaken. A sauna can be whatever you want it to be – a floating house, a duck, an ice house, or a ski lift gondola. Yes, I said “a duck”. Have a look at the craziest sauna inventions and their locations around the world, though most of them are to be found, of course, in Finland. Because no one loves saunas as much as Finns do.

Floating saunas…

Floating on Torino river. By TimoOK


Floating Duck Sauna. Finland. By aokettun

Is this a duck, a boat, a sauna, a cottage house? Apparently it is four in one. Fin-Duck, powered by an outboard motor, is a 5.5 meter long boat that can be rented out as a summer cottage equipped with a fireplace, a sauna, a shower, a toilet, and a kitchen. Fin-Duck is located in Helsinki, Finland.

During mobile sauna festival. Finland. By Andrea Vascellari

 Saunas on wheels…


By Andrea Vascellari
Another proof that Finns are absolutely mad about their saunas is a mobile sauna festival. This eccentric event takes place in Teuva Municipality at the beginning of August. There are only two rules: saunas have to be mobilized and they must be large enough for at least one person to be able to bath in it.
By Andrea Vascellari
By Andrea Vascellari


Ice and snow saunas…

Ice sauna in Ruka, Lapland. Finland. By ezioman


In Massachusetts. By astanhope
Ski lift sauna. Ylläs ski resort. Finland

Ski lift sauna. Ylläs ski resort. Finland.

Saunagondola ski lift is another crazy Finnish invention. The sauna, located at Ylläs ski resort, has four seats and passengers can spend two hours inside. The sauna goes two rounds from the valley to the summit and back. It can be rented for up to 12 people, who take turns riding the gondola and relaxing in the main sauna at the top. Café Gondol 718 sauna department located at the summit has showers, a regular sauna, a fireplace, and it can be rented for private use.

Remote saunas…

Blue sauna. By mararie

Blue sauna. Tynningö. Sweden. By mararie

Somewhere in Finland. By Nina H

Somewhere in Finland. By Nina H

Sauna at the airport terminal…


Sauna at the airport terminal. Helsinki. Finland.

Why not pop into the sauna while waiting for a flight connection?The brand new Finnish terminal that had its grand opening at thebeginning of December 2009 at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport offers a unique opportunity for travelers to relax and ease the pains after longflights in its luxurious spa center.

The spa, which has a fir sauna straight from the Alps, stone and steamsaunas, as well as Finnish ones to complete the picture, was built by the airport operatorFinavia and Finnair, which celebrated its 85th anniversary last year. It is a part of a newly opened terminal which has the capacity to handle 15-16million passengers and 13.5 million pieces of luggage per year.

Apart from saunas, the wellness center also has special rooms forvarious facial, foot and massage treatments based exclusively on products madeof pure, organic ingredients. And you can also take a health bath in amineral water pool to alleviate travel fatigue.


So, care for a sauna session tonight?



  1. There is no better way to unwind at the end of long day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Fabulous post, my personal favourites have to be Torino River and the Swedish Blue Sauna.

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