Naughty Nature

Are you sick and tired of the same commonplace vacation scenarios? Would you like to go beyond the obvious, which is either beach bumming or running around with your stone-heavy Nikon and tracking all those points of interest that are supposed to be there… somewhere? The answer is: theme travel.

Don’t trust guidebooks wholeheartedly. You won’t have time to see or do all the things they  commend anyway. Just pick what really interests you and make it your principal focus. The benefits? You know exactly what you’re going to get, so you don’t risk disappointment.

Wine tours, culinary adventures, ghost towns, and museum trips are all good ideas. Now, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not go even further and break a social taboo as well. Take nudity as a focal point of your coming trip to end up with only a few yet ridiculously funny images that will make your friends turn green with envy. And if somebody gets offended… well, it’s just nature, isn’t it? But then again, you wouldn’t believe how naughty nature can be.


Malé, Maldives

Paradisaical beaches, infinitestretches of water, and manhoods on trees – they’re so right whenthey compare Maldives to the Garden of Eden. Mango picking, anyone?

Adam's privates on a mango tree in City Garden Cafe
Privates on a mango tree in City Garden Cafe. Photo by miusam-ck


Arenal Hanging Bridges, Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica, make sure youdon’t miss out on the Arenal Hanging Bridges. A mystical hike throughlush vegetation, magnificent vistas of the volcano, and penis treesare vital here, literally.

Welcome to the jungle - La Fortuna, Costa Rica.
Welcome to the jungle – La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Photo by yonas1


Joshua Tree National Park, USA

As you saunter through the stonylandscape of Joshua Tree National Park you can’t help but expect adinosaur jump out from behind the giant boulders. Rather unlikely,but you might come across this one-eyed monster.

Hard like stone.
Hard like stone. Photo by reslbear1


Guánica Dry Forest, Puerto Rico

Apparently just a melocactus, but whata striking resemblance! Puerto Rico offers a lot more than theCaribbean bliss. Just don’t squat down to take a picture.

Genus Cactus.

Genus Cactus. Bosque Xerofítico de Guánica. Photo by jodiaz76


Boulder Park, USA

The Desert View Tower in Boulder Park, CA, looks out onto the voluptuous carvings of wind and rain, so incredibly detailed artists that the indigenous people had no doubts the rock should be worshiped as a symbol of fertility.

So that's erosion!
So that’s erosion! Photo by onewhowaits


Koh Samui, Thailand

No trip to Koh Samui, Thailand, can be called complete without catching a glimpse of the Grandmother Rock, a sexy detail drawing hordes of visitors to the lovely Lamai Beach. Grandfather’s there, too, if you’re asking.

Granny's rock.
Granny’s rock. Photo by redrayder


St Catherine, Jamaica

Locally known as “pum pum rock” (yes, you guessed why), this adorable limestone carving sitting along the banks of the Rio Cobre has long been the prime attraction of the Bog Walk Gorge, St Catherine in Jamaica.

Scenes of Jamaica
Scenes of Jamaica. Photo by alexsap


Mattawan, USA

Two can naturally play that game as well, as seen in the village of Mattawan, Michigan, USA. Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery makes for a particularly romantic backdrop.

Two trunks or...?
Two trunks or…? Photo by pethikemou


In the backyard

And if you can’t afford distant travels, there’s always something to be found at the grocer’s round the corner…

Plum bum bum
Plum bum bum. Photo by Podknox


… if not in your very own garden.

Vital vitamins
Vital vitamins. Photo by divinely guided



Apparently, a staggering number of things in this world prove to possess sexy human-like features. The question is whether nature really is so naughty, or are the appearances mere products of filtering completely arbitrary objects through our filthy minds? So tell me guys, am I obscene or is there really a penis “glued” to that mango tree?

So long fellow travelers. Enjoy the world. Go dirty!


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