Over 50°C i.e. the hottest places on Earth.

In search for the perfect holiday spot with endless summer, shining sun and hot weather, be cautious not to pick up the hottest place on Earth. The extremely high temperatures may turn your paradise into the hell. Literally.

Here is the list of the hottest (in terms of temperature) places on Earth.

Africa 57.8°C

Danakil depression in Ethiopia is considered to be the world’s hottest places. During the dry season the average temperature totals to 48°C (118 °F)!

Desert in Ethiopia. By Terri O’Sullivan

However, that is EL Azizia in Libya that hit the record-breaking result of 57.8°C (135.9 °F). Well, that was on 13 September 1922, but, I bet, there’s still someone alive who remembers that hot day.

Libya by Lontananze d’Azzurro


North America 56.7°C

Death Valley, California, U.S.A reached 56.7°C (134° F) on 10 July, 1913.

Death Valley by Michael Ransburg
Deatn Valley by Michael Ransburg


Asia 53.9°C

Israel reported 53.9°C (°F 129)  in Tirat Tzvi in 1944. It is still hot nowadays in the country where the temperature exceeds 40°C on average during the summer.

Israel by wheelo50411
Dried river bank, Israel. By frankdasilva


Australia 50.7°C

It can get really hot (and bad) in Australia when bushfires and droughts spread throughout the continent. 2008/2009 summer with its 47°C was close to the record of 1960 when Oodnadatta in South Australia reported 50.7°C (123.3°F).

Road in Oodnadatta by jwbenwell
Lake Hume, Australia. By suburbanbloke


Europe 50°C

Try to walk through the centre of Sevilla in Spain at noon in July and you will know what it means to live in the hottest place in Europe. It easily gets over 40°C during the summer in the town. That was on 4 August 1881, however, when Sevilla reported 50°C (122 °F) – the hottest day recorded in Europe.

Sevilla's street in shade by sjaces
Sevilla’s street in shade by sjaces






  1. The mercury always reaches 50-55 °C in the shade in the Sahara Desert. I saw a picture of a car thermometer showing 45 °C at 10 a.m. in northern Mali and another was displaying 60 °C at 1 p.m. along the Algerian-Malian border.

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  3. That picture of Lake Hume, Australia. It really isn’t in a hot region , does get drought affected though. I used to live in Wodonga (Albury-Wodonga) and it was around a 15min drive out to the lake. Do miss the place.

  4. One time a small town in India punalur overcome d temp of Rajasthan so on that day it was the hottest place in India ……………Insha allah

  5. well i was in egypt couple of days ago and we tested the temp on the resort and it came back 55 but no record of that on the weather reports there wrong it was still 50 in the shade

  6. In sindh Pakistan, Temperature is often over 50 C at feel the best i remember in my life was 55 C. Moreover, in big cities when the Temperature is 47 it feels like 55 C or in some places even 60C due to pollution and traffic heat on roads…..

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