Paradise on Earth

We all want to go to heaven, right? So just do it – there are several dozen world’s exotic destinations that would help you to feel like in paradise, for at least one or two weeks. The ideal combination of sun, crystal blue water and sand will cure your overworked body and your restless soul.

See below some of these heavenly looking spots around the world.

Apparently the gate to the paradise is located in Portugal, Europe.

Costa da Caparica. By gustty


Another heavenly-looking beach is located in Greece, on the western shore of Zakynthos.

Shipwreck beach looks more heaven than wreck. By dkilim


Still around Europe…this one looks more a fairytale than paradise. But could be both.

Portofino, Italy. By tearssandrain


Maldives is a place where I wouldn’t mind spending the eternity.

Angaga Island Resort & Spa, Maldives. By iujaz

Evem more blue…

Kuda Huraa, Maldives by nattu

Somewhere in the Maldives…

By daniel pozo


Paradise spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Maupiti, French Polynesia. By SF Brit


Boracay, an island of the Philippines, has it all: perfect sand, perfect water, perfect weather…

By chewy chua


I wouldn’t feel blue here…

Thailand by C-HAD

Snorkelers paradise in Thailand

Phang Nga Province, Thailand by Rene Ehrhardt


We all deserve to have such a window view at least once in our lifetime.

By maldiviandude




  1. I agree with Sam. The pictures are lovely but this set up is terrible!! What gives with the ad following you all the way down. There isn’t even a way to disable it. Pretty poor design. I’d expect better from anyone with any sense of professionalism.

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  3. This website layout is terrible. Would have loved to look at these pictures but super annoyed at the ad taking up over half the screen even when you scroll down.

  4. The lovely scenery makes my heart pump faster. The eagerness to circumnavigate the whole world and sap the natural beauty comes rushing on its way. I will strive harder to foot a step on that precious place. Thanks for showing how beautiful the world is, for not deteriorating its natural element!

  5. Another beautiful place in earth – Nepal:

    Although Nepal is a small, undeveloped country, it far deters visitors from coming. Amazingly, you can find visitors from all parts of the world here traversing over foothill trails or roaming through small alleys in the capital. There’s certainly an attractiveness that brings millions of tourists each year to Nepal; most people may think it is because of the majestic mountain vista views but a closer examination into the culture and visitors especially frequent ones will tell you it lies in the charm of the Nepali people and their warm hearts engulfed in a medieval, predominantly Hindu republic that are landlocked between political turmoil and modern development.

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