Seven Best Party Islands

It might sound like utopia but imagine a place separated from the rest of the world by miles of azure crystal waters, surrounded by powdery white sand beaches, where all you need to do during a day is relaxing and all you have to do during a night (if only you feel like) is partying. These best party islands in the world may become your personal utopia for a week or two. They have a few things in common: the atmosphere is hot, the parties are wild and the hangovers seem easier to handle when on the beach.


7. Mykonos. Greece.

Coco Beach Bar. Mykonos. By PlanetStar

Mykonos, part of the Cyclades in Greece, is a perfect blend: it is a fabulous summer destination with amazing beaches, constant sunshine, relaxing atmosphere and fantastic water sport opportunities. That’s the day.

And the night brings on a bustling nightlife scene, with great selection of bars, night clubs and restaurants. Vibrant beach bars dotting the seaside, numerous clubs open till the break of dawn, party beaches and friendly crowd make the place an excellent destination to have fun, dance, drink and enjoy the holidays. Great place for both wild relentless youth and grown-up party addicts.

Mykonos by night. By Allan Henderson


6. St. Lucia.

St Lucia. By webmink

If you are searching for a Caribbean destination with intense nightlife, St Lucia is the answer. The island famed for Jacquot parrots and the Pitons iconic peaks is becoming a premium party hub where every night seems to be the Friday night. Take a wide selection of clubs and bars, mix it with gallons of rum, add laidback atmosphere and hot rhythms of soca music and you will have an ideal recipe for a great night out.

St Lucia is also home to a bit more sophisticated celebrations: excellent fiestas and carnivals such as November food and rum fiesta, May jazz festival or the renowned summer carnival.


5. Hvar. Croatia.

Partying on Hvar. Croatia. By littlekim

Music flows until well past midnight on Hvar, the sunniest, the greenest and the most trendy Croatian island. Hvar is definitely the destination of the year for clubbers and party animals. It is a rising star on the Mediterranean coast, with new clubs, chic bars, and hip hotels emerging every year. During the summer, the island transforms into one big celebration venue, gathering crowds from all over the Dalmatian coast.

Sunset on Hvar. Croatia. By spunkinator


4. Beachcomber Island. Fiji.

Beachcomber, Fiji. By noelsmetaning

Called the Party Island of Fiji, Beachcomber is a place that cannot be missed by party lovers searching for constant vibes and intensive nightlife. The island is super popular with young holidaymakers and clubbing addicts. The fiestas go on all night and all year long. The island is ideal for those looking for a perfect relaxing holiday time on the beach and superb night celebrations with exotic cocktails, DJ’s parties and ultra friendly crowd.

Polynesian band’s warm up before the night party. By CanadaGood


3. Jamaica.

Jamaican sunset. By rappensuncle

The spirit of music can be felt in the air on this famed Caribbean island. Jamaica may be small but it is extremely rich in culture. In fact, it is a cradle of entire music civilization: reggae, ska, mento, rocksteady, dub, and, more recently, dancehall and ragga – they all originated right here.

Jamaica is a perfect spot for a bit more grown-up party lovers, with a great selection of reggae, jazz and blues festivals. The easygoing atmosphere, constant sunshine and laid-back style of life might be addictive, though. But then again, why not keep coming back to Jamaica, or even stay here for good.

Rum punch served in Jamaican beach bars. By the queen of subtle


2. Ibiza. Spain.

Party capital of world is also famous for its transparent beaches. By lone snappe

If you have already done Ibiza, you know what it is all about. The third largest island of the Baleares, Spain, Ibiza is the biggest party venue in the entire Europe. The island has a long tradition of relaxed attitude towards life and wild partying. In the 1960s the European hippies headed for Ibiza to “take life easy”.

Today the island boasts the best clubs and DJ in the world: it’s home to Privilege, Space, Pacha and many other ultra popular nightclubs. It is perfect for hip, trendy and fashionable folks that want to part until they drop.

Famous foam party on Ibiza. By wanderinghome


1. Koh Phangan. Thailand.

Quiet Haad Rin beach turning wild
at night. By victoriapeckham

Today it is Koh Phangan that claims the title of the best party island in the world. The island, located in South East Thailand, is home to the world’s famed celebration: full moon party. It’s said that in the 1980s a group of backpackers were amazed with the extraordinary beauty of the Haad Rin beach during the full moon and decided to throw a huge party to celebrate this celestial phenomenon.

Nowadays, the party attracts around 30,000 people that celebrate the full moon in the colourfully painted beach bars until the sun rises. Party lovers can choose from a wide selection of house, trance, drum and bass and hip hop stages, each offering a different party vibe. Of course, partying is not limited to only one night a month – there’re also half moon, black moon and other celebrations going on almost every night on Koh Phangan.

Partying till dawn – Koh Phangan, Thailand. By Richard Chantler


As crazy as it may seem, there’s much more to these islands, in fact, than hectoliters of alcohol and wild partying. The party vibe is infectious not only due to gallons of rum or Thai buckets, but also thanks to friendly crowds, great atmosphere and world-class DJ’s performances.

So, this just has to be among those “at least once in a lifetime” things to do.


  1. Ibiza is good. But i would say nr 2 is fu**ing AIA NAPA in Cyprus. Damn, the whole town rocks. The whole city is just one big party pulling you inn all over. Never seen anything like this. AIA NAPA(AGIA NAPA) place to be. And nothing bets the shit that goes on on there boats NAPA QUEEN. Best in the world. Check it out.

  2. I have spent this new years in KOH phangan and last year i went to IBIZA and next summer heading to mykonos 😀 but koh phangan is the real thing i LOVE it

  3. Yes, this is truly a masterpiece .i have it for some timeI have 90 (1680 1050) wealpaplrs of this thematic (all hand picked all over net)and some lower resolutions. If maker want I can send it to share with beach wealpaplrs fans.

  4. I’m trying to suss out why beachcomber, fiji is meant to be the party island.. having a bit of trouble finding evidence to back that up. it actually looks like a nice, quiet chill out island with little to do.

  5. Hey guys, I have to agree with Sofia and mh – Ios is awesome !!! You have to go there if you loveeee to party all night/ day long ! Ibiza deserves to be place – it’s the craziest island, that’s for sure ( I was there in last August) I’ve no idea where to go this summer, I’m looking for some new hot party destination, hope that someone will suggest sth. :)) Cheers!

  6. deff need to add ios,greece . i went this summer absolutely incredible if ever you have the chance go you will have the time of your life, you ll never want to leave

  7. Koh Phangan is a great party Island, But its sister Island Koh Samui has alot more to offer regarding nightlife and parties. I think you have to include Koh Phangan and Koh Samui as one place. Its a 15min speed boat ride to Phangan from Samui and many people start the fullmoon party on Samui and take the boat ride across. Samui also has alot of beach and cool nightclubs.

  8. Nice beach. I like Mykonos island. Mykonos is small island in Greece.Mykonos Island is a happening place.Enjoy the cool atmosphere on the Elia Beach. Don’t forget to visit Pierro’s Bar.

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