Surfing Europe

Surfing in Europe for those who have never tried it before is like discovering an old continent all over again. We all know Europe for it great culture, fascinating cities, historic monuments but when we think about catching the waves Hawaii or Australian Gold Coast cross our minds. But the true is that Europe can rival any other world’s surf destination. The enormous variety of breaks, endless kilometers of sandy beaches and great surf culture make Europe the paradise for wave lovers.

Here are the best countries you can surf in Europe:

Great Britain

Believe it or not but chilly and cloudy Britain is a home to great surf waves. You can surf on four coastlines of Scotland, Wales and England where the breaks can rival any of the world’s surf spots.  Starting from the top of the island the wild Caithness coastline is the place where you can find spots of great surf potential. And it is truly the place where you can escape the crowds.  Continue downwards you can reach the breaks of Wales or head for Devon or Cornwall where you can find the waves that suit all abilities.


Exposed coastline of green and hilly Ireland makes the island the perfect spot for wave-catchers.  Basically the entire west coast of the country receives regular swells.  The hospitality of the Irish and the beautiful landscape will make your surf trip a life-changing experience.  Surf the Donegal Bay , Easkey or clear waters of Dingle bay and don’t leave without trying Guiness. Remember that the water can be freaking cold and wet weather can last for days.


It is a paradise for wave lovers. Countless beaches of Atlantic coast mixed with the spirited culture of Spain makes the country the place you cannot miss. Most of the coastline from Basque region to Galicia is open to the swells of the North Atlantic. In the south the stretches of Andalucía’s sandy beaches provide great surfing spots.  At last but not least you can head for the Canary Islands which are the tropics of Europe and a land of great surfing possibilities.

San Sebastian, Spain
San Sebastian, Spain by envisionpublicidad


The Portuguese coastline offers a massive variety of breaks. The country is a combination of excellent reefs, powerful swells and great climate. The northwest coast is literally a one long strip of beach where the local surfers can enjoy waves every single day of the year. Heading down on the coastal road you can reach the region of Peniche and Ericeira composed of long sandy beaches.  And Algarve …place where you can escape winter in Europe.  It is full of sun and breathtaking surfing beaches surrounded by cliffs such as Arrifana or Cordama .

Praia da Cordama, Portugal
Praia da Cordama, Portugal


France has it all – amazing wine, great food, beautiful people and above all the perfect beaches of eternal sunshine and unlimited surfing possibilities. Go there in autumn or spring when the swell is consistent. You can surf France from the top of its northwest coast to the crowded southern locations of Biarritz and Hossegor, near the Spanish border.

And don’t forget you are in Europe, the cradle of culture, and next to the surf beaches there’s a lot more to discover. So don’t hesitate to sacrifice one or two days, get out of the wetsuit and explore the historical towns and monumental sites around you.


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  2. Ireland is the best place go surfing!!
    im American and i have been all around the world surfing and i found Ireland the best.the water is a bit cold tho. I don’t think Britain should be there there good waves but not as good as Italy!

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