Ten Romantic Getaways To Fall In Love (With)

Believe it or not but Paris, Rome, Prague or Venice are out of this list. There are heaps of other love-is-in-the-air places around the globe, where dramatic landscapes, romantic architecture and tender atmosphere create a perfect scenery for passionate affection.


10. The Canadian Rockies. Canada

Canadian Rockies. By paulhami


If restaurant candle light dinner with champagne cracking and smart clothes on is not really your definition of being romantic then the majestic landscape of the remote Canadian Rockies, far from crowds and tawdry tourist attractions, might be your perfect location for an adventurous romance getaway. With five National Parks declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites located within the Rockies, there are plenty of space, wilderness, and nature to explore and admire hand in hand with your admirable. Perfect for skiers in love, hikers in love, or cyclists in love…


Canadian Rockies. By Medmoiselle T


9. The Seychelles.

Praslin Island in Seychelles. By Y.Ballester


If dramatic landscapes of wild mountains are not convincing then you should try something more exotic. The Seychelles, 115 stunning islands, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, around 1,500 kilometres (930 miles) of mainland Africa, are an excellent spot for couples looking for relaxing and calm surroundings. The tropical vistas of white sands, turquoise water, and lush forests are the ideal setting for romance. Moreover, the islands are not as invaded by tourists as other exotic destinations so you will be able to enjoy your moments with no crowds in the background.


Seychelles. And only you two. By /kallu
Seychelles’ remote beach. By nicogeni


 8. Tokyo Bay. Japan.

Tokyo Bay. By JanneM


How to find a romantic getaway in overpopulated, vibrant and busy Tokyo? If you and your second half are in the mood for love, and there is no time to head for Kyoto or Okinawa, then try a cruise around Tokyo Bay. Magnificent views of city night lights, dazzling Rainbow Bridge, and Odaiba’s modern architecture set quite splendid a scenery for lovers. You can try one of the Tokyo’s cruise ship companies that can arrange a romantic French or Italian dinner or a sunset cruise for the two of you.


Tokyo Bay. By Stefan


7. Meersburg. Germany

Meersburg, Bodensee Lake. By mattwyn


Meersburg, a tiny town located adjacently to Lake Constance in Baden-Württemberg in Germany, is as romantic as a fairy tale. If you and your loved one need kind of a time-stopped-here place then Meersburg, with its unique, colourful architecture, filled with cafes, bars and restaurants, and surrounded by vineyards and apple groves, is definitely a place you are looking for. The best time to go on your romantic trip is spring when the whole area is covered with flowers. Fall is also great, especially if you want to visit wineries and sample some quality domestic wine.

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Meersburg's castle. By db
Meersburg’s castle. By db
Spring in Meersburg. By juergen.mangelsdorf


6. Big Sur. California. The USA

Big Sur. California. By vgm8383


A 90 mile (145 kilometres) long drive along Big Sur coastline may seem not to be very long but if you stop a few times for a kiss, then a few times for hugs, and then several more times to admire the gorgeous views, you can significantly stretch your time together. The beauty of this place is breathtaking. There are no shopping centres, no tourist attractions (besides stunning views), no street lights. An ideal spot to propose, and to say “yes”.


Big Sur. California. By vgm8383


5. Saint Paul de Vence. Provence. France

St Paul de Vence, France. By freefotouk


Unfortunately jam-packed, touristic Paris cannot be called the world’s capital of romance any longer, but there are several others places in France where the scent of love can be felt in the air. Provence, the land of colors and fragrances, has always been a heaven for artists, and of course, lovers looking for inspiration and passion. Among the most beautiful spots of the region is St Paul de Vence, an old town filled with great restaurants, charming cafes, romantic cobblestoned streets, and beautiful architecture.

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Lavender fields in Provence. By SansPretentionAucune
Lavender fields in Provence. By
St Paul Vence. By  ollis58
St Paul Vence. By ollis58


4. San Francisco. The USA

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. By JBlaze B
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. By JBlaze B


San Francisco, a liberal city of love, birthplace of hippies and gay communities, revolutionizes the definition of love. Today the town is recognized for its laid back atmosphere, tolerance, and acceptance. Be it for romantic sunset over Golden Gate Bridge, smart cafes and restaurants, or simply a stroll along its streets, this place is filled with romantic and positive vibrations. 


San Francisco Heart. By Rev Dan Catt

San Francisco by night. By Kevin Labianco


 3. Lisbon. Portugal.

Lisbon by night. Portugal. By Fr Antunes

No capital is more romantic than Lisbon. The warm atmosphere of the town, bathed in golden sunlight during the day and filled with dramatic sounds of jazz and fado at night, make the place an ideal spot to spend passionate time with the loved one. You can take a romantic stroll around the town wandering its narrow streets, take your sweetheart for a ride on a historical yellow tram, or go crazy in Lisbon’s countless bars and clubs. Spring and fall are the best seasons to go – there are fewer tourists and days are pleasantly warm.


Lisbon's tram. By wili hybrid
Lisbon’s tram. By wili hybrid


Alfama in Lisbon. Portugal. By Michael
Alfama in Lisbon. Portugal. By Michael


2. Faroe Islands. Denmark.

Faroe Islands by WildVanilla


Imagine wide open spaces, dramatic cliffs, splendid sea, infinite fields of grass and moorlands… If this sounds like a perfect setting for a next romantic trip for you then you should head to Faroe Islands, located halfway between Scotland and Iceland. The islands are slightly forgotten by travel agencies, holiday makers and even backpackers, which makes them an ideal place for lovers searching for privacy and seclusion in enchanting surroundings. The best time to go is from June to August, but don’t forget the days are super long, and nights disappointingly short.


Torshavn, Faroe Islands By -Kj
Faroe Islands. By the spug


1. Santorini. Greece.

Santorini. By marcelgermain


Everything is romantic on Santorini. The white walls of the archipelago’s houses, charming little streets, beautiful gardens, excellent cuisine, domestic wine, dazzling sea, golden cliffs, spectacular sunsets and fantastically relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere…Santorini is our planet’s most beautiful jewel and truly a paradise for lovers.

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The Heart of Santorini, a hole in the volcanic rocks of the caldera. By Klearchos Kapoutsis
Romantic dinner on Santorini. By psalakanthos


It is true that with whom you share life is a lot more important than where you do it, but just as a fire dies down after some time and needs another sparkle to explode ablaze again, your relationship will, too, benefit from such passion-kindling, get-away-from-it-all therapy applied from time to time.


  1. This is awesome. I love what you did for that falimy! The things we experience while abroad can be profound yet inadequately captured. I find art is a great way to gather the riches of a journey. I’ve written two e-books that guide people to use art to make the most of a journey: Creative Travel Toolkit (while traveling) and The Graceful Return: Relish Any Journey After You’ve Come Home. I believe anyone can use simple art making to make journeys more meaningful. Your art here are great examples, Stephanie. I found you by googling ‘great artists blogs’. I’m so glad I found you. I love your art and what you do for other artists and creatives. Thanks for all you do!

  2. For a quick fix: There are few things that a trip to the beach can’t cure. I seek out small beach plecas with no sea sports facilities and no kids facilities. Sitting half soaked in the sea surf things in my mind work themselves out. For a serious retreat: Yoga in Bali live in the village, walk for an hour everyday to get to yoga class, another hour back after class, detox on organic vegetarian fare. Ultimate fix: Meditation in the Himalayas when I need to reboot my system, I revisit my 2nd home Nepal living on the mountains, amidst such happy, friendly folk, is as close as you get to heaven on earth. You return to your daily samsara with a clean slate. For a serious spring cleaning of the rubbish in your mind, attend a silent meditation retreat for at least a week in the birthplace of the Buddha.

  3. OMG this all looks amazing. i want to go to #1 more than any of the other ones that they showed on here but i did love all of them that they showed. they were all so beautiful. weren’t they:)

  4. Vinikey can you stop raging and making us Greeks looks bad.I think everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I think most of the places listed here are amazing, but in the end it’s just a list and doesn’t account for the many experiences people have had in many different places that add value and romance and beauty to a location. I love Santorini, someone else might hate it. Who cares? The Faroe islands look really intriguing with the grass covered houses, pretty cool.

  5. I love istanbul, and live there, but it totally wouldnt be a “romantic getaway” for a tourist without any good local help.
    Other than that, i see some places i would never consider to be romantic, having been there, but i guess its a personal choice.
    “meh” on santorini being the nr.1, think italy should have made the list instead 🙂

  6. Even if this blog had, in fact, mentioned those places which were left out, you people would still be unhappy. You would be complaining that the blog was too long…

  7. Lisbon is really beautiful especially at sunset, the nights (summer, spring and autumn) are warm, and there are many places to go have a drink and dance a little. Portuguese people love festivals a parties (not the American-like ones), and are very friendly. It’s a great place to have vacations, with your loved-one, friends or even alone. You will for sure meet new people and maybe fall in love (Portuguese are very nice looking). It’s just a bad place to live

  8. i really fall in with “The Canadian Rockies. Canada”,”Big Sur. California. The USA”,”Faroe Islands. Denmark.” and ” San Francisco. The USA” Thanks for sharing

  9. Santorini really is beautiful, so tranquil when it needs to be but still lively at night. Some of these other destinations I definitely need to see 😀

  10. Actually comparing Istanbul and santorini is really wrong. Istanbul is a really big city (really) and there are lots of place to spend romantic time like the islands or in forest or in the roof of hotels or inside acient places. And also a mess with traffic, crowd and nature. And in the other hand, santorini is a holiday place which has seems to have a great beach and silence.

    This doesn’t mean Istanbul is less romantic. I believe especially in the autmn that city has a great view for romance. But you should know where to look. I’m pretty sure, because it is bigger it has really more romantic places than santorini. But this doesn’t mean santorini is a bad place too. I’m pretty sure that place is great.

    Let’s don’t make this to a competition. Because we’re trying to compare apple and a tomato.

    But i believe if we’re talking about romance list should include prag, slovenia and norther scotland.

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