The Color Trips of a Lifetime


Call me a color freak but I’d rather think of myself as a sophisticated connoisseur of tone whose world is not built of prime colors but defined by firebrick red, mint green, misty rose and indigo. The nature is a visual feast of shades and the Architect has painted the world a myriad of hues to caress your senses, stir your mind and inspire your artistic soul. So go for it and don’t trek the world passing the simplest of beauty unnoticed. Sharpen your senses and embrace the variety for you surely deserve a life in Technicolor.


1. Golden Imperial Dunes, California

For the yellow and pure golds head for the Californian Imperial Sand Dunes, sometimes called the Algodones. Bordering with Arizona and the Mexican state of Baja California, this sandy patch of enormous dimensions stretches for 72 km and has 10 km of width. The prevailing northerly and westerly winds blowing from the dry bed of Lake Cahuilla have sculpted the landscape into marvelous forms making the site an off-roaders’ and photographers’ paradise. So if what you’re looking for is scenic scenery of gold and yellow hues, awesome opportunities for a bit of solitude, unless you happen to share the spot with maniac OHVs, and rare fauna and flora, the mega sandbox is there for you.


Imperial Dunes, California. A photo by Bruce (bioflyer).



2. Lavender fields of Provence, France

For an uplifting andmind calming experience choose Provence whose lavender carpets  soothe the nerves and give the highest  of eye delights. Mind-stirring andstimulating, this picturesque part of France is famed for its soft light andvivid landscapes of pastel colored beauties which many an artist, Picasso orVan Gogh to name just two, found inspiring enough to produce outstandingmasterpieces. Although the cultivation of lavender goes backto the last century, its healing properties have been appreciated sinceantiquity. So to spice up, or should it be ‘herb up’, your Provence of historicfortified medieval towns of Avignon and Aix-en-Provence or the ancient Romantowns like Orange and Arles, just find your lavender-clad fragrant beauty spotand let the purples and violets do their magic tricks.


The lavender fields of Provence, France. A photo by AJanssen.


3. Turquoise Tongariro Lakes, New Zealand

A hypnotizing turquoise beauty somewhere along Tongariro Trail in New Zealand is atrio of turquoise-colored lakes which owe their remarkable tint to the volcanicminerals dissolved in them. The landscape of solidified lava flows,  yellow sulfur specked rocks  and active vents emitting steam and sulfurdioxide gas takes your breath away almost literally. And although the walk issurely not a comfy one, either,  withsharp-edged volcanic rock and shifting scree underfoot, your pain shall be madeup for with the amazing view of the three, uniquely rare in color, lakes.

Turquoise Tongariro Lakes, New Zealand. A photo by robinvanmourik.



4. White icebergs of Jökulsárlón, Iceland

You’re bound to freeze here but surely with awe first. This bizarre seascape of black and white icebergs, snow caps and ice splinters cutting the blue waters of the Jökulsárlón Lake make the visitors agape and shiver. Situated at the south end of the glacier Vatnajökull and around 400km from Reykjavik, the waters of this glacial lake are the largest in Iceland and sport an awesome palette of white, black and blue. The freezing lagoon is a popular destination for cruisers to see and hear the icebergs breaking off the mighty glacier. So wrap up warm, put some protection cream and sunglasses for the dazzling whites are there to blind you!


White icebergs of Iceland. A photo by Albinoflea.



5. Emerald Lake, Canada

The mesmerizing emerald jewel shimmers and murmurs in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada. The water here marvels with rare peaceful beauty of blue and emerald shades dotted with sparkles of light. The unique color results from fine particles of glacial sediment, also referred to as rock flour, suspended in the water. This nature gem stone, with its pine and cedar wooded slopes, is enclosed by the President Range, Mount Burgess and Wapta Mountain of rugged peaks and makes a perfect hideaway for those yearning for some unwinding treatment of cross country hiking and canoeing.


Emerald Lake, Canada. A photo by richd777.



6. Heather Ilkley Moor, England

Serene and brimmingwith charm,  the Ilkley Moor carpets yourwalks along the countryside with a thick lush rug of purple heather. Nothing ismore relaxing than a leisurely stroll along the moorland’s winding pathwayswith a palette of those amazing violets, greens and browns spreading under yourfeet. On your way, look out for The Cow and The Calf, also known asHangingstone Rocks, a rock formation consisting of large boulders resemblingthe animals and Ilkley Tarn, a lake to give you endless tranquil walksaround. And why don’t you hum the popular Yorkshire anthem ‘On Ilkley Moor Baht’at’ which was inspired bythe moorland scenery? That will make the picture complete.


Heather Ilkley Moor, England. A photo by tricky.



7. Fiery Monument Valley, Arizona

Fiery red and surreal, the Monument Valley on the Arizona and Utah border will take  you through a hell of reds and flames of orange. The site, bristling with free standing sandstone rock forms rising majestically up to 1,000 feet, creates a magical desert landscape. One which is an epitome of truly western America and famed backdrop of a number of Cowboys-and-Indians shots. The isolated red mesas and buttes surrounded by an arid sandy desert provide not only pic-ready dramatic vistas but also outstanding hiking and vehicle tours to make your tires burn for the most of unforgettable adventures. Hellish awesome!


Fiery Monument Valley, Arizona. A photo by Wolfgang Staudt.


Keep alert for the natural born color seeker never gives up his or her hunt for hues, shades and tones! Let the photos inspire you and feel free to add destination choices of your own. May the Color be with you! 🙂


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