World’s Craziest Drivers

Everybody has their stupid moments behind the wheel but some drivers do stuff that simply goes beyond imagination. And it’s not only about speed. They will honk impatiently, start up fights, ignore lights and pedestrians, sway out of lain, tailgate or play chicken with donkey carts. Of course, crazy drivers are part of the fun of traveling. Just make sure you’ve got proper life insurance when you go to the following cities.

Mumbai, India

Nothing can prepare you for thecollective mayhem going on in the streets of Mumbai. Drivers aregoing nuts in the snarling traffic, trying to make their way throughthe suffocating cloud of exhaust. Traffic rules? No, thanks. The onlyimportant thing is to dodge omnipresent children, beggars and footsellers that slip into every available space when the traffic comesto a halt. Wanna cross the street? Do exactly as they do and pray.Hundreds of auto-rickshaws, huge tracks, bicycles, motorcycles withwhole families on (including women in saris with infants in theirarm) and a kind of noise that defies imagination – welcome to thestreets of Mumbai.

Mumbai traffic
Mumbai traffic. By HelenJr


Cairo, Egypt

Traveling around Cairo can really give one creeps. Driving arental car is like getting lost in the heart of a treacherous jungle on purpose; step off the curb as a pedestrian and you’re dead.The bane of the Egyptian stereotype of a freaky driver is the taxisin Cairo. Theyhave no problems making a left hand turn from the right hand lane(and vice versa), honk like crazy, always expect you to give way tothem whatever the circumstances, and basically take no notice ofpedestrians, be it at zebra crossings and when the WALK light is on.Oh, and there seems to be such thing as two directions of traffichere. Why restrict yourself to three lanes if you can use the entireroad…

Cairo traffic jam
Cairo traffic jam. By walid.hassanein


Montreal, Canada

Handsdown, Montreal has the most reckless drivers in all of Canada.Merging is a competition and indicators are merely ornamentation.Nobody signals their intentions, and if they do, others will go outof their way to prevent them from doing so. Tailgating and cutting infront of other vehicles is a standard driving procedure. Backing upon a major freeway? Why not? I missed my exit, right? Pedestrians? Ohboy, they can wait two seconds after the WALK light turns on. Whichlane am I supposed to stay on? Well, I’ll stand in the middle of thetwo to have enough time to decide. Oh, and you, in front of me, youbetter smash that gas pedal as soon as the light turnedgreen, alright? I’m in a hurry. Impatience and a dreadfullyself-centered attitude is what runs in Montreal drivers’ blood.

Montreal night traffic
Montreal night traffic. By Alexandre Boucher


Moscow, Russia

One ofthe most irritating things about Moscow is not the traffic, but thearrogance of all the posh car drivers. The thing with them is thatthey can afford to spend $10,000 on a flashing, police-like bluelight called ‘migalka’, which, in theory, can only be used inemergency. Yet to many of those Muscovites a traffic jams is a modelcase of an emergency situation, so they will ignore all the possible rules,heading down the wrong lane, rocketing through red lights,intersections, pedestrian crossings and even along sidewalks andexpecting everyone to move out of their way. Isn’t that pathetic?

Migalka in Moscow
Migalka in Moscow. By ico


Boston, USA

If you’re planning to get aroundBoston, you’d better stick to cabs and the subway. Driving should beavoided at all costs, and it’s not only because of oppressivecongestion, poor parking options and the complexity of navigation.Boston drivers are just freaking crazy. There are even manualspublished that instruct visitors on how to fit in whengetting around by car in the city. Pedestrians- when the light says for you to walk, do not step off the curb rightaway. Trust the walk light, and you’re dead. As a driver be preparedfor double parking, lane blocking, adventurous teenage drivers, totalignorance of road rules, abrupt swerves and left turns from the rightlane, which is just a small flame in the hell of Boston driving.

Boston streets at night
Boston streets at night. By Thibauld Roland


Mexico City, Mexico

Driving around Mexico City is generally discouraged due toomnipresent jams, road structure that is difficult to follow and wilddrivers who seem to have developed a system of communicationobviously unknown to outsiders. If you do decide to drive, alwaysmind the driver’s hand gestures rather than the signal lights orlearn to distinguish subtle differences in car honks that mayindicate, among other things: “get a move on”, “I’m about toovertake”, “get off my way”, “Just go; it’s going to turngreen in a second anyway”, or simply “you idiot”. Rules neverseem to be obeyed, the concept of lanes is clearly obsolete, andtaking aleft from the right lane of an eight-lane boulevard is nothing youshould be particularly surprised with.

Mexico City taxis
Mexico City taxis. By ladelentes


Shanghai, China

Driving in China is anightmare, and Shanghai seems to get almost the full blame for thisreputation. The streets are flooded with bicycles, cars, trucks,mopeds and barely experienced drivers, some of whom have fakelicenses anyway. Accident statistics are blood-curdling and theincidence of drunk driving staggering. Everybody here drives like areckless teenager, bikers driveout into the oncoming traffic and headlights arehardly ever used, so you often get to play ‘chicken’ in the pitchdark and collisions are missed by inches. Irresponsible,incompetent, and insanely dangerous – there’s not much more to sayof Shanghai

Shanghai traffic
Shanghai traffic. By Maciej Dakowicz


Rome, Italy

The ranking would not be completewithout the drivers in Rome, the world’s most dedicated honkers. Tocall them aggressive and adventurous would be an understatement. Beit disrespect for traffic rules, hot Italian temper or the fact thatthe drivers think it’s a core of good manners to say ciao to everywoman they pass, Rome has been cited as the most dangerous city inEurope for traffic accidents. The greatest risk is faced and causedby reckless motorcyclists who dodge in and out of lanes of traffic,often coming within a few centimeters of pedestrians. Hand waving,strings of insults and honking at someone who doesn’t take off withinexactly one second of the light changing is a reality of driving inthe otherwise marvelous capital of Italy.

Traffic around the Colosseum
Traffic around the Colosseum. By (


Bucharest, Romania

When you’re silly enough to be going 120 km/h in a 100 km/h zone and cars are still whizzing past you, with drivers throwing fierce and pitiful looks at your direction as if they were expecting an elderly lady at the wheel, you’re no doubt in Bucharest, Romania. In heavy traffic, lanes don’t mean anything and drivers squeeze in ever available space, wildly waving their hands and swearing like troopers. And if you by any chance tread on their toes in any way, they won’t hesitate to get out of the car and flare up a (word) fight. Road accidents take a considerable toll so beware.

Traffic jam in Bucharest
Traffic jam in Bucharest. By [andreea]


Manila, Philippines

It isalmost impossible to describe the chaos and the level of rule-breaking you see in the streets ofManila, the capital of the Philippines. Thousands of cars coming within inches of you, sometimes at hellbentspeed, either tailgatingyou so close that you could not fit a needle between the bumpers orjumping in front of you without any indication. Motorcyclistsmaneuver in ways that you would only dare to try in a computer gameand pedestrians often just leap into the street in an act of faiththat the traffic will stop for them. Rules seem to be totallynonexistent, so stay alert and keep your cool as theytend to show off really awful manifestations of road rage.

Manila. By jude–>BATANGAS Lines fanatic^_^





  1. Come to Lagos Nigeria and experience stunts seen only in movies live on the highways.see drivers drive against traffic at brekneck speed,vehicles making u turns on highways and commercial drivers forcing other road users into the aint seen nothing yet!

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  5. Until you go to Turkey you haven’t seen crazy driving and the further South and East the worse it gets. Think motorcycle with side car containing a man a dog and a sheep with the rest of the family including abbies on the motorcycle or possibly the scariness of overloaded truck that look like mushroom because of everything hanging over the edges. Finally, pay extra attention to the dolmus (small bus literly meaning stuffed) who will do anything to get where they are going fast.

  6. lol, great article. I agree with Kevin about Vietnam, they are pretty nuts there. I would have to nominate Buenos Aries as well. Their driving habits are quite similar to their latin cousins in Rome and Montreal. You had better be halfway through the intersection by the time the light is green if you want to avoid getting honked at.

  7. I think the only reason why Nairobi, Kenya or Kenya in general is not in the list is because it has all the above. Even when you are not on the wheel and just a passenger(especially in the matatu) you have your fingers crossed that you are not dead in the next second, anyone who agrees?

  8. Here is similar Story

    How does one define a “bad driver”? In a good portion of the civilized world, we tend to think of it as someone who drives fast, passes without seeing what’s ahead, doesn’t stop for pedestrians, honks impatiently … and frequently breaks the law.

    This definition does not apply in other places. Take Eastern Europe: Bad driver is typically seen as someone without the skills to drive a bad car 100mph on icy roads, someone who frequently slows down traffic by driving the speed limit or someone who doesn’t take off within exactly one second of the light changing.

  9. Great photo of the guy hustling across the street in Manila.

    Looks like I’m just another guy with another vote, except my vote is for the entire country of Vietnam. The honking is…Christ, I was standing next to my bike on the side of the road, not even on the road, and some guy honked at me as he passed. I think it’s an ingrained response, the guy honked at a tree a few seconds later. Two-lane roads become five lanes, any of them at any time for traffic going either way. No one pulling onto the road from a side street looks or slows down. Pedestrians survive, and only survive, if they do the same and just walk through the mayhem with head down.

    From the above list I’ve only been to Shanghai, which is a traffic circus for sure. I’d love to experience the roads in India, the one place on the list I might not readily put beneath Vietnam on a bet.

    Fun piece Sophisti!


  10. I have to add Saudi Arabia, where the traffic lights are for foreigners and straddling lanes and turning right from the far left lane and vice versa is common. There are no lanes in the desert, so …

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