World’s Most Annoying Tourists

 Noisychatterers, smooching lovebirds, armrest hogs and selfish seatrecliners – we hate them all with the utmost passion. But nastytravelers get classified not only by the infuriating things they doon planes. Every now and then a list of the world’s most annoyingnationalities gets published, stirring as much consenting laughter ofthose at the receiving end as it does clamor among those who find themselvescomplete the roll call. Here’s 8 that always get the dubious badge oftheir countries’ bad ambassadors, together with 8 reasons why we are ready to turn a blind eye…



Indians don’t fair well in thepoliteness stakes as hoteliers all over the world describe them asrudest, most indifferent to local culture and least likely to tip.Local cuisine is also something they will approach with suspicion,and the level of noise they generate is considerably higher thanwhat’s on average considered tolerable. Anything that exculpates thisoff-putting reputation? Well, despite the fact that rudeness reallyis a national problem in India, other attributes need to beinterpreted in terms of a specific cultural pattern. Tipping is not anorm in India. Nor is saying thank you, and nobody makes fuss aboutit there. Quite the contrary, aggressive haggling runs in the Indianblood and so is the tendency to speak quite loudly. On the otherhand, cross-cultural etiquette should apply to everyone and it is theawareness of some universal rules that makes traveling a pleasure forboth the guest and the host. After all, when in Rome …

Taj Mahal, Agra
Taj Mahal, Agra. By RTQ



OK, this one is quite controversial. As host Greeks are considered exceptionally warm and friendly, but somehow got on TripAdvisor’s list of the most annoying tourists. What may be to blame? Well, Greeks can be very loud and disruptive in public, often speaking too loudly, yelling at each other and fully exercising their range of explicit vocabulary (perhaps hoping nobody will understand). They also tend to be quite demanding of restaurant staff and will often complain about the service or quality of food. Heavy smoking doesn’t win them friends either.

Santorini. By polarkreisthiele



The list of wrongdoings committed byRussian tourists is as long as the Volga River. Some of them howeverare so ridiculous that they seem more of a legend than real offensesto travel etiquette. OK, they may have terrible taste infashion (happily combining tracksuits with golden jewelery) andappalling table manners (belching and swearing through meals). It’salso within belief that they sport their money around (expectinghotel staff to be their servants) and cut in line in bars. But theidea that they load doggie bags with buffet food and hide sunloungersin their rooms overnight to make sure they get a spot at the pool inthe morning seem a little far fetched. Or maybe?

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow. By retlaw snellac



Fine. So what did those courteous,respectful people do to get on the list? Well, perhaps the reason isbecause “they cruise the gambling tables like Baracuddas with asore stomach”, as one tourist to Vegas has nicely put it. The thingis that for the Chinese traveling is a relatively recent phenomenon,and a luxury that still not everyone can afford, so once they areout, they feel compelled to make the most of the moment. And that forinstance boils down to the fact they always want to look at theirfinest (including wearing ties and high heels when hiking in nationalparks), tend to enjoy high level of noise and opt for sightseeing inlarge groups, often blocking passages, obstructing views and simplydisturbing silence. But can we really be mad with them? It seems wejust need to give them a little time to learn how to be tourists.Luckily, the Chinese foreign ministry have issued guidelines to helpChinese tourists learn appropriate behaviors when traveling abroad.


The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China. By Sareni



The British are a hard nut to crack.For three years in a row, they have been named as messiest, meanest,scruffiest and worstbehaved … but only in Europe. In Greece, for instance, localresidents and business-owners held a protest against Britishtourists, because “they get drunk, they exhibit themselves infront of our eyes”, and frequently get arrested for random actsof violence and vandalism. Outside Europe, however, Britishholidaymakers hover around the top in the worldwide Best Touristrankings, with over 15% of the surveyed commending them for theirgenerosity and politeness. Weird…

Stonehenge. By Qalinx



Beforethe Russians arrived on the international scene, it was the Germantouristswho fell subject of habitual jokes about hoggingsunloungers at the crack of dawn. But much as they’ve been knockedoff the top spot, they still have enough vice to secure themselves aplace on the podium. Not only are they claimed to be the mostfashion-challenged tourists (right beside the Americans), but alsoget really bad marks on politeness towards waiters and hotel stuff.There are even rumors that they’ve been frequently caught stealingfrom tip plates on bars. Some of us have apparently been hit by thecrisis harder than others…

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle. By MPOBrian


Just as with the British, putting aclearly-defined label on the lot of American travelers would be quiteunfair. They were holding the ‘worst tourists’ crown for years,mainly for their noisiness, frequent complaining, bad taste infashion and obnoxious remarks on why none of the locals spoke anyEnglish. And although there’s still quite a lot to do to shrug offthe reputation of a slobby, noisy, ignorant American, the US touristshave managed to warm up their image abroad, basically by getting topmarks for generosity, as the biggest spenders and tippers, andreadiness to try local cuisine.

Horseshoe Bend, AZ
Horseshoe Bend, AZ. By NikonKnight



For years the Americans have been the undisputed champions ofholid
ay rudeness. But it seems their reign has finally come to anend in favor of the French. A survey by Expedia reveals they comeacross as penny-pinching, impolite, inattentive to local customs andleast ready to try a new language. Who in fact hasn’t been atthe receiving end of this indifference? It’s true that the French have been blessed with a fabulous country and don’t need to go abroad much. Consequently, they may not be familiar with travel etiquette and even a bit stressed when on holiday. But does this really excuse arrogance?

Provence. By publik_oberberg


Just to finish it all off, do you thinkthe label of the world’s worts tourist can really be stuck on anyparticular nationality? And isn’t it that we can put up with anything– scruffy clothes, bad table manners, ignorance in terms of localculture and language – as long as we are addressed with courtesyand respect?




  1. If suresh ever comes back ! you are also filthy enough who speaks rudely about his own country ! So its not the Countries problem , its because of people like you who spread hatred ! I hate so many things in India but yet I love my country . I guess you should be left out in China or Cambodia to start loving India ( No offense to China or Cambodia. Communism is not my cup of tea )

  2. The British thing is straightforward. The more polite and better off middle classes are the ones who tend to travel outside of Europe. In fact most off these people would actively avoid popular British destinations in Europe to avoid their fellow Brits. I would avoid the large towns in Corfu, Crete, Tenerife, lanzarote, Ibiza, Bodrum, marmaris, Gran Canaria, Mallaga, Kusadasi. The list goes on. This comes from the experience of being utterly embarrassed by the way some of my countrymen behave abroad and I don’t want to be associated with them. I think Brits are born travellers but unfortunately we are also born drinkers and born fighters. Not a great combination.

  3. I work in a Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay.
    First of all, I widely agree with what is said about Indians, but from American, British and Germans, it varies a lot.
    Eventually, there are some countries not mentioned here that bring people who are a real pain.

    First of all, Brazilians. Brazilians are so annoying, that even Brazilians hate giving service to one of their co-patriots. They do not tend to leave any tip, and devote themselves so hard about finding mistakes in order to get free stuff, that it seems they’re not trying to enjoy any moment, just looking to find something to complain about. They tend to disrespect and shout to employees if their demands are not given, even if they’re wrong.

    Venezuelan: I always hate having Venezuelan groups or guests, because they’re never happy, no matter how hard you try to help them. They’re that typical idiot who shows up with no reservation, but trying to fool the receptionist telling he actually did it, and it’s the hotel’s fault why you cannot find it. Don’t ever expect a “please”, “thank you”, or any other basic expression you should use while communicating with a human being. I used to have a co-worker who lived in Venezuela, and he told me that in Venezuela disrespecting and being mean in that country is normal, and they are just re-producing what they’re used to.

    Chileans: They have the foolish idea that Chile is the best country of Latin America, and that you’re honored with his visit if he’s travelling your country. No “please” or “thank you”, of course. I remember the first and of course last time I gave a free room upgrade to a Chilean. When I told him his room was upgraded for free, I wasn’t expecting a tip or anything, but a “hey, thanks” or “you’re very kind” was enough. Actually, he responded “I wasn’t expecting otherwise”, so that’s it, lowest floor available and worst category possible for any other Chilean that comes to my front desk.

    Spanish: They do not show any respect for your country, culture, or anything. So, as far as they concern, they’re not travelling to Uruguay, they’re exploring “Latin America”, with a superiority feeling because “their country owned all this land” hundred of years ago. So here, they feel like kings, being us peasants who broke free, who knows why. They also like yelling, a lot.

    Georgians: They used to be Russians 20 years ago or so, and they fall in the same description as Russians in this article.

  4. Lets accept that this world is for the Blonde and blue eyed, for long the world especially the submissive ones like the Asians and the Africans have considered these people no less than demi Gods.
    Lets get this straight..the only thing the white people travel is for cheap sex and booze and some poor asians they can bully; you see size does also matter..
    So anything the white do is a so called ‘benchmark’? FO..
    They are selfish, rude, 1 $ in the pocket types who contribute to nothing as a tourist except pay a few dollars to a greedy slut luring her of false hope to the better, fortunate countries,..
    An average Indians ability to spend is more a surprise and a jealous factor than anything else..
    An average Indian family touring spends on kids entertainment,purchasing, family outings etc and tipping the waiter is not the only thing…sharing is a second nature for Indians and who is to judge who is right or wrong, least of all a white savage who have been plundering the earth for ever..cmon..wake up guys..stop bullshitting…whoever did this article must be a classic slavedriver..

  5. i’m surprised that americans is part of the worst, well so far they are the most polite guest, they give tips whenever its possible and they dont like to be served much..

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