World’s Most Scenic Restaurants

Dietitians say you should never get off the table full, and in some restaurants it is exceptionally easy. When there’s such dramatic beauty all around, food becomes a less important factor and it’s impossible to concentrate on eating. Have a look at some of the world’s most scenic places to dine.

8. Grand Canyon Lodge Dining Room –          Arizona, USA                                                 

View from Grand Canyon Lodge
View from Grand Canyon Lodge. By Julie A Green

Most visitors to the Grand Canyon flock to its spectacular South Rim, take hasty pictures, have a short walk and leave. But it is the guests of Grand Canyon Lodge who experience the place’s real character – wild, lonely, and unpredictable. Watch the day go by from the sun terrace and dine with the view of the world’s greatest natural miracle.

The timber-smelling, rustic restaurant may not be hitting the height of gastronomy, but who cares about food when there’s such a spectacle going on outside. The menu features quite a lot of choices, including regional as well as 1930’s themed foods. The dining room is very spacious, but compared to the grandness of the Canyon, it feels really warm and cozy.


7.  360 Restaurant – Toronto, Canada           

CN Tower Revolving Restaurant
CN Tower Revolving Restaurant. By Sifter

At Toronto’s 360 Restaurant, dining is brought to a whole different level. Firstly, because the restaurant sits 351 meters (1151 ft) above ground on top of the CN Tower. Secondly, because it slowly revolves to give you 360 degree views of the magnificent city.

After major remodeling in 1995, the restaurant is no longer just a tourist magnet but a truly sophisticated dining experience. Some say the menu has left them with taste buds unsatisfied and wallets emptied. But even if you’re not satisfied with food, the bill pays for the ticket to the observation deck without queuing. Just pick a cloudless evening and take in the splendor of Toronto from up high, preferably having a glass of wine from the restaurant’s award-winning “cellar in the sky”.


6. Piz Gloria – Mürren, Switzerland               

Piz Gloria Revolving Restaurant

Piz Gloria Revolving Restaurant. By РОБОТ-ФОТОМAТ

Perched on top of 2,970 m (9,744 ft) Schilthorn, in the Swiss Alps, Piz Gloria was a prominent location for the 1969 film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ of the famous James Bond series. Since then, both the restaurant and the funicular have undergone a major facelift and draw countless visitors willing to get 360-degree views of the dramatic alpine spectacle over a bowl of steamy chicken soup. The dining area can accommodate 400 patrons and takes about an hour to completely rotate.


5. Ambrosia Restaurant- Oia Santorini, Greece                                                           

View from Ambrosia Restaurant
View from Ambrosia Restaurant. By Simply Stella

Santorini is by far one of the most romantic places in Europe, so it’s not really difficult to set up a business that makes it to the ‘World’s Most Scenic Restaurants’ list. Ambrosia is definitely one that deserves the title, and it’s not only thanks to its cozy atmosphere, unique decor, and fantasy-like views of the volcanic sea caldera. The food and service are said to be excellent, so you don’t have to compromise on quality for the sake of beautiful surroundings. Candlelight, rose petals, stars above your head and food that’s really tasty – can you really ask for more?


4. Floyd’s Pelican Bar – Negril, Jamaica        

Floyd's Pelican Bar
Floyd’s Pelican Bar. By doscabeza

The only way to get there is to hire a boat and you can have a swim while waiting for your seafood to be served. Can you imagine a more unusual restaurant? Situated a mile from the shore, the bamboo construction rises out of the infinite blue and looks as if it was just about to be blown by the wind. Floyd’s is almost a legend and once you have a cold one here, you’ll want to come back over and over again. A 6-hour trip for two, including private transportation, boat to Floyd’s and lunch, is around $180.


3. Red Sea Star – Eilat, Israel                       

Red Sea Star underwater restaurant
Red Sea Star underwater restaurant. By neonium

Red Sea Star is a place like no other on the planet. This first and only underwater restaurant looks like a beautiful coral garden itself, and there’s still the better part outside. 5m (16 ft) below the surface of the Red Sea, you can enjoy you meal while watching unbelievably colorful creatures swim by right next to the window. The food is said to be average, but the experience unbeatable. Soft light comes in to illuminate the unique décor, and you’ll really find yourself in two minds whether to focus on the interior or gaze outside.


2. Sunset da Mona Lisa – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                                                           

View from Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant

View from Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant. By Bachspics

Cabo San Lucas is a dreamlike destination and the premises of Sunset da Mona Lisa expose its beauty in a way that’s hard to forget. Multileveled terraces hang above crystal-clear pools, giving you a sense of floating on water. The Italian chef makes sure the dishes are genuine and range from the simplest to most sophisticated specialties of Italian cuisine. Wash them down with the best of Italian wines and watch the sun disappear in the waters of Cabo San Lucas Bay. Pure magic.


1. Cova d’en Xoroi – Cala’n Porter, Spain

Cova d'en Xoroi restaurant and discoteque
Cova d’en Xoroi restaurant and discotheque. By E-S-E-L

Carved in the cliff on the south coast of Menorca, with multileveled terraces spanning on rock shelves, the Cove d’en Xoroi is a bar, a restaurant, and a nightclub in one. Enjoy a morning coffee with the heavenly beach and cove of Cala ‘n Porter in front of your eyes, hide from the heat in the legendary grotto and dine
watching the sun roll down beyond the horizon. And when the stars are up, there’s no better place to get the taste of nightlife in Menorca.




  1. Was the certificate only duisocnted to $20 from the $25 Price? Which Restaurant was that? I know sometimes there are $15 ones duisocnted to $3.. but i haven’t ever seen a $25 one that was only duisocnted to $20..But you are right – still a good deal! 🙂

  2. The River Cafe ,Brooklyn New York has been the most romantic dining spots for 25+ years now. The food is average but its situated right under the legendary Brooklyn Bridge on the banks of the Harlem River with unobstructed views of the lighted city of Manhattan. Twinking blue fairy lights adorn the trees around outside yearlong, with cozy fireplaces inside.

  3. and what used to be a beautiful view, don’t forget the top of the World Trade Center. I enjoyed the view from there many, many times.

  4. Wow, those all look like great places. There is a nice one in Bangkok too, I forget the name. It is on top of a 60 storey skyscraper and is completely open air. It was spectacular.

  5. everest view lodge in nepal…its 40 miles away from mt. everest, its a beautiful little tea house to have lunch while continuing on your way to base camp!

  6. All very lovely, but for me the most memorable and beautiful restaurant is always the one I meet my close friends or family in any time our schedules permit. No better view in the world those those faces for me.

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